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  1. Stephanie says:

    I dont know if you make money for these reviews but your review is false.
    Global Adspace uses Double Click For Publishers tags where one can sign up for an account on their own and do it themselves and take Global Ad Space out as the middle man because Global Adspace take nearly 70% of the earnings.
    I know this because I worked for a website who used Global Adspace. Global Adspace also charges you a fee with paypal when paying, the site I worked for was paid via paypal from other ad agencies and fee was never deducted, in other words, the other agencies paid the fee while Global Adspace does no real work other than creating tags and has you pay the paypal fee while they take 70% of your earnings. They also dont disclose they use doubleClick for publishers and can easily do it themselves.
    This is an honest true review of Global Adspace. I no longer work for the website so I can disclose this.

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