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Knowing the difficulties you may encounter when choosing a appropriate online avertising network when maximizing the amount of revenue generated by a blog, today, I will review one of the most outstanding one I have tried and found out. The results I have got are quite good. let’s go into details:

AdPrimary, like other online advertising networks, is a company that connects advertisers to websites which they want to host advertisements. They enable advertisers to reach target campaigns most accurately by making use of smart advertising platform.

It is one of the few online advertising networks that helps website owners sell ads at any positions that they want, including those that are hard to sell directly to gain the most of their profits. With the aim of extension of market in online advertising industry, AdPrimary accepts all traffic from almost all languages in the world. Up to now, they are available over 196 countries. With Adprimary you have the abilities to monetize your global traffic because all their global offers are well adapted to your needs, hopes and requirements. So, here are the reasons why you can get a 100% fill rate and the highest profit easily.

Moreover, they offer a wide range of commission types to their publishers: CPC /CPM /POP. This is an efficent way for all the publishers to find the best opportunities in order to make earnings from websites perfectly. When becoming the member of Adprimary system, publishers are able to make the most of advertising. Adprimary operates with a very modern and up – to – date technology, which meets all needs of users around the world and helps both two sides: publishers and advertisers achieve the best results. Admin area interface is simple and easy to use with a lolt of ad formats being available directly from the main menu. There are large variety of advertisements for you to choose to show on your webstie: image, flash, video, full page… All the inforamtion is monitorred 24/24 to help publishers manage their website easier

Minimum amount required to cash out on Adprimary is $5, and weekly done via paypal. This is the most popular and easy payment method. It will be very difficult for you to be in trouble if you choose this one. Transferring the money overseas is very safe and totally guarded by the admin advanced encryption. The problems (if have) will be solved by team of security specialists, who are responsible for identifying suspicious activities and protecting you from fraudulent transactions. This method now is processed with  26 different currencies from over 200 countries or markets. Adprimary highly encourages you to complete the payment by this way to bring you the most convenience.

Overall, my advice is that you should try this network to maximize you revenue.

AdPrimary Network Details
Commission Type: CPC /CPM /POP
Minimum Payment: $ 5
Payment Frequency: Weekly
Payment Method: Paypal
Country: Viet Nam
Contact: Email: [email protected]
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  1. yzh says:

    Perfect! I really like your network.
    Such a wonderful advetising online!
    i can easy see report and money i gain

  2. Admin says:

    Payment proof

  3. Adprimary says:

    Payment Oct

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