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Adsatclick is one of the most popular online network, which provides advertising solutions for advertisers at any sizes they want.  If you want to join the programme, what you need to do is signing up for the first time. The free account will be given to create advertisements for promoting your online business. By this way, you can advertise via using text and banner advertisements. The company always try to bring the best services to all the customers.

Adsatclick publisher account is suitable to every website/blog owner who want to generate revenue by giving as much space as they can for publishing ads from the system of company in their websites. Publishers can make money from genuine clicks on advertisements, which are sent from their websites. You can choose the way of restricting advertisement  of specific sites. You will be given more freedom of filtering out other competitor ads. Making use of Adsatclick publisher account is a good way to boost your income. However, be sure that show text/banner ads must be relevant to your site content.

The company is headquatered in India. There are two commision types available: CPC /CPM. The minimum payout is 30$ and done via Paypal, Check with Requesting payment frequency

Adsatclick Network Details
Commission Type: CPC /CPM
Minimum Payment: $ 30
Payment Frequency: Request
Payment Method: Paypal, Check
Country: IN
Contact: Telephone: +918891884230
Email: [email protected]
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